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Choose To Unite

Choose To Unite Barack Obama Music Video

“…An extraordinary and beautiful manifestation of your prayer for our country and specific intention to make both an immediate and lasting difference for all of us.”

I love that the song and video were called a prayer, for that is what Choose To Unite really was – and continues to be! A prayer that we may bring forward the highest within us, in particular the values sung about in the song of “Diversity… Unity… Community… Love and Equality – We are the change…”

Watch, listen, hold the vision, share!

From YouTube: OUR NEW PRESIDENT!!! With God’s help, We Can… We Did… We Will!! Uplifting, celebratory Song and Music Video infused with energies from 150+ souls on fire for Obama in Santa Fe, New Mexico – a swing state that swung! Written, directed and produced by Susan Slotter, with Eric George (Arranger, Performer), Madi Sato (Female Vocals) and Grant Taylor (Videographer). Entire project executed on a pro bono basis – a true model of “By the People, For the People!”

“Choose To Unite is not just a campaign song, but a song of universal support for the birth of our new world…”

Song/Video Website:


Prayer for the New Year

I have been reading this prayer every morning in this New Year, and thought it might be inspiring to others. It is by Joyce Rupp, from her book Fresh Bread: and Other Gifts of Spiritual Nourishment. It feels especially relevant on this new day that the Inauguration marks for us:

Bosque Del Apache © 2008 Susan Slotter

Come to meet me, God of life,
reach into the mystery of my self.
Take me into the heart of this year
and give me the confidence to
journey freely, lovingly, with risk,
wonder and laughter.